Fortnite Skull Trooper cosplay costume for special sale

It sounds some crazy, but believe. Only $29.9. Now only $29.9 then you can get a high quality Fortnite Skull Trooper cosplay costume.  Cann’t believe it, yep? To thanks to all the supporter, now our factory promot a new Fortnite costume for Halloween special sale. There is no profit on it, only want to thanks all the supporter. The skull trooper costume is hot on Halloween. Now let’s see the costume detail.

Fortnite, as you know, is a very hot video game. The characters in it also loved by many people. Expecially for the Skull Trooper character, fits to the theme of Halloween very well. So that’s very worth to get it now. Now on cosplay007 website for the standard size only need $29.9. Here is the costume picture:

The Skull Trooper costume fabric in high quality. It use roman fabric same as the spider-man cosplay costume. Elastic and durable. The components including jumpsuits, gloves, mask.

The material of the mask is elastic knitting, so the breathability is very well. People can hear you clearly and it will not be stuffy. And the eyes part is black transparent film, So you can see the outside clearly.

If you want to get the costume, then just go to our website and place order directly. Only cost $29.9 and the costume will be sent out in 5~7 days.

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Cyberpunk 2077 cosplay costume

Any video game fans? Todey we will introduce the latest Cyberpunk cospaly costume for the game cosplay fans.
Cyberpunk 2077, is a role playing video game played in a first-person perspective as V, a mercenary whose sex, hairstyle, face, body type, body modifications,  background and clothing are customisable. There are two main characters can be choosen, one is male, the other one is female.
Here is the character pictures for your reference:
The role -playing clothing can not only customize in the game, but also can be customize in

The male and female character costume almost in same material and same technology. The main material for the two costume is PU leather, satin,  denim, knitted, leather.

Point one, the collar is double design, which make it stereo.

Point 2, the plastic rivet molding by mould, the replica design from the game.

Point 3, Metal nails design, full of technology.

Point 4, The emblem is made of soft rubber by mould,  stereo and replica.

Point 5, The shoulder part made by mould design shows the stereo sense and texture.

Point 6, The back by large embroidery design, seems more stereo and replica.

Point 7, The belt in metal mould, in high quality and replica of the game.

Point 8, The two sides are designed with ties, and the size can be adjusted freely.

OK, know about the quality design of the Cyberpunk 2077 cospaly costume, any detail catch your heart? For more details, can refer to  There you can find more costumes you like.

Ant-man and the Wasp the Ghost Ava Starr cosplay costume

Ant-man And the Wasp, the hot marvel superhero movie on 2018, have you seen it? If you have seen it, then you must remember the beautiful negative character: The ghost.  As the hot popular of the movie, the Ghost cosplay costume is already developed out by cosplay007.

The shost, also named Ava Starr. In marvel comic, she is a male. As in the ant-man movie, she appeared as a female. And she is the enemy of the Wasp.

So, The Wasp VS. the Ghost, who will win?

Now today we talk about the new Ghost cosplay costume. Here is a photo you can see the detail.

The color for this costume main is white. Match to the character’s name; Ghost. And the main material for this costume is leather. Components same as in the picture, including Vese, Jumpsuit, belt, cuffs, gloves, mask and shoes.
The mask is outstanding for the costume. Here is the mask detail:
The mask is very cool, isn’t it? The whole costume including mask price is $415. If you don’t want the mask or only want the mask, all is ok.

It’s really a good idea to coaplsy the Ghost in 2018 Halloween, right? If you don’t know who to cos in the Halloween, then may be you should think about the Ghost.

Any interest, anyone can fing the costume on cosplay007. A heaven for the cosplayers!

Pre-Halloween sale

Halloween is coming. Have you prepared your Halloween costume?
Now is on Halloween pre-sale. Some hot series can in 15% discount. This is really a good chance to get the Halloween costumes. Since the discount will be not available on September and October. It’s really so smart to get the Halloween costume on now on Augest. Sep, Oct the factory production is very busy and busy, and this is also the logistics busy season. So the customize costume on Sep and Oct will take longer time on production and shipping. And if there is any problems on the costume, the time is so tight to deal with the after sell problems. is the original factoy. Supply the world wide’s Halloween costume. All the same costumes style same online is all from cosplay007’s China factory. So you can image how busy the factory would be before Halloween. To support the Halloween, will pre-Halloween salell on Augest. Order on Augest, means you can get quality costume and low price. If there is any after-sale problems, we can deal with in time.

The hot series on 15% discount for sale. It’s directly sell from the factory. The discount price is lowest on the network. If you find any same costume online cheap than cosplay007. You can tell us and we can provide the same price. The discount sale included Joker, Natasha Romanoff, deadpool, Cindy, Wonder Woman, Hela and so on. Include the movie costume, game costume. All the costume can be bought in whole set and separately. If you only want some parts of the costume such as Jacket, boots, or only the pants, gloves, all can contact the customer service for price.

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Spiderman Homecoming Peter cosplay costume

Spider-man: Homecoming,  this is the 16th movie of MCU. Released on 7th, July. Tell a story of the Spider-man Peter how to make a choice between a superhero and a high-school student. In this movie, the spiderman costume is also a lightspot.

On this movie, Peter is a 15-year-old high school studern, after being bitten by a radio-infected spider, acquired the ability to act like a spider. With the help of Iron-man Tony stark, he tries to strike a balance between an normal high school student and the crime-fighting superhero.

This film is more about the struggles of growing up as a teenager, rather then a simply superhero movie. Peter, the youngest superhero on Marvel, he is only 15-years-old. He has high populiatiry on the world. Why so may people love this young boy? Let’s see his characters.

Wow, as a 15-years-old boy, he is sunny and is also so handsome. Expecially the shape of his body, so nice. So he can wear the tight-fitting spider-man costume.

No matter how handsome you are, you can’t be hero with the evil character. But spiderman is so kind. Although the spiderman’s enemies have done a lot of bad things and have been trying to kill him, in the end of the story, the spiderman actually saved his life.When the little spider ran away from the fire with the enemy in his arms, I could feel the positive energy through the screen.

No doubt Spiderman is very smart. He is busy with fighting with the crime, but can also easily answer the questions from teacher on the class. He didn’t prepare much for the knowledge contest, but he still held his place as a member of the team. So many high school students dream to like this.

To see whether it’s interesting to be with a man, it depends on whether he’s rigid and doesn’t understand humor. When it comes to the spiderman’s humor, you must have laughted a lot on the cinema. Spiderman always can bring laugt to the people.

Spider-man is reality. This is close to his character, he is very young and fall in love with his classmate. When he works with Iron-man, he would be so happy to take photo, just like a fan. Wow, who will not love this cute boy?

The biggest characteristic of spiderman is perseverance. He was so committed to doing more for the world that he looked everywhere for something to do. He was determined to defeat the vulture and stop the bad guys from trading weapons, so he kept going even when he found out that the vulture was his favorite girl’s father. He sticks to the girl he likes and keeps her in his heart. Although did not end to be able to marry the goddess, there is a little bit of pity.

Spiderman’s sense of responsibility is not only for family and friends, but also for the whole city and the whole world. Now that have superhuman powers, use them to protect everyone. So there’s Peter who’s always trying to prove himself and protect everyone. In the end, iron man asked him to join the avengers and work with them on a bigger challenge. He refused. Because he thinks he should start as a neighborhood hero. If the superheroes of the world go to protect the earth, who will protect the streets? That’s the little spider’s responsibility.

Low profile
When his best friend learned that Peter was spiderman on the Internet, he was excited to tell the world about it.But the little spider refused because he wanted to keep a low profile.In school, there are also many bullies despise him and laugh at him.But he has never used his spiderman identity to bully others.Even when he learned that his goddess also loved spiderman, he chose to remain silent about his identity.

In spiderman Homecoming, the spiderman completes its own growth.Originally, he was obsessed with getting into the avengers and saving the world with other superheroes.But at the end of the story, he rejected his dreams.Because he no longer aims too high, but really wants to go his own way.Every man is a child at heart.To become a man from a boy, one must learn to grow up and grow up.

Wow, the last characteristic of Spiderman people love him of course he is superhero. It’s a dream for everyone that to be a superhero. Peter come ture most people’s dream.

Talked so many good characterirtic of Spider-man, do you know and love him now? Halloween is coming, do you made the decision who to cosplay? Spiderman is a good choice. All the high quality spiderman cosplay costume you can find in cosplay007. This website is a original factory that can customize your spiderman costume without extra cost and low price. Here waiting for you.

High quality Ant man Scott Lang and the wasp cosplay costume detail overview

Have you seen the new Marvel superhero movie Antman and the Wasp? It was released on 6th, July on Unitd states. So have you noticed the new antman cosplay costume and the wasp cosplay costume?

Antman and the wasp, as the 20th MCU movie, timeline behind the Captain America 3, before the Avengers: Infinty war. In this years MCU movie has released, Black Panther is serious, dark. Infinity war is epic, tragic, and heartless. Just Ant-man and the wasp is entertaining, funny. Previously, the film was also targeted by marvel studios as a “romantic comedy”. The tone of the film is humor, lightness and warmth.

The ant-man series is different from the rest of the MCU series in terms of characters, stories, abilities and imagination.It’s fun and imaginative, which will make the film a great success at the word-of-mouth and box office.
First, in terms of characters, ant-man is different from other superheroes like iron man,captain america, thor and spider-man because he is a father and has a daughter, Cathy.
In addition, from the perspective of selling points in the field of quantum, the film also invited real physicists from the field of quantum to discuss together and presented the audience with a fairly scientific field of quantum.

The costume in this movie is also a highlights. Now let’s see the video for the costume detail.
Here is the Antman Scott Lang cosplay costume detail overview:

You can see from the video that the main material of this costume is elastic leather. This is easy to made any post.

Below is the video for the  Wasp Hope van Dyne cosplay costume detail overview.

Also the wasp costume is in leather.

The antman costume and the wasp costume is popular in the year 2018. It on hot sale for the Halloween. So have you decide who to cosplay in this year’s Halloween? Antman and the Wasp is a good selection for you!

Best Doctor Strange cosplay costume detail overview

Let introduct a coctume today: Doctor Strange cosplay costume. This is not a new one. This costume has designed out in 2016. But it’s always on hot sale even though in the year of 2018.
Doctor strange, real name is Stephen Vincent Strange. Laterly you may have seen him on the Marvel movie Avengers: Infinity war. He is a Marvel superhero, He has a great magic power. He was voted 38th favorite character on the superhero on IGN. So his costume has high popularity among the cosplayers.

The feature for his costume is with the red cloak and with a necklace. This is a very cool costume. Here is the picture you can see the customize costume detail.

Main material for this costume include: Plain velvet, polyester-plaited cotton, satin, lace, PU, suede, denim, composite leather.
Compontents: robe, cloak, trousers, belt, cuffs, boots.
Here is a Video you can see the detail:

Well, know about the cool costumes, do you want to buy it? Now on  only cost $314 then you can get the whole cool outfits. This is a original costume manufacturer. You can find more superhero cosplay costume in it. Marvel and DC superhero, who would you love? Be the character you love on cosplay007. We are here waiting for you.

Best cosplay costumes in 2018

The year 2018 have pased half. On the first half year of 2018, there are many amazing superhero movies released. And also there are so many new superhero cosplay costume. Now let’s take a look on the 2018 Marvel new movies and their costumes.
Here the first one is Black Panther, released on 15th, Feb. This is the first superhero movie based on black people. The story happened on a country named Wakandan. The plot of the film is surrounded by the throne between the main roles. The protagonist is “Black Panther”. As a first black people superhero movie, this movie loved by many people. And his costume is also very popular among cosplayers. His costume have several colors. Main material is Roman fabric, this is elastic and in high quality.

And there is other character Erik Killmonger Cosplay Costume.

And the second one is Avengers: Infinity way. Believe many people are familiar with this movie. Released on 26th, April. This is the most hot movie on 2018. This film brings together more than 60 superheroes, It’s unprecedented. And the costume on this movie is all on hot sell. Believe you can see many avengers on this year’s comic con and Halloween.

The third one is Deadpool 2. Releasd on 18th, May. This film unlike the traditional superhero movie. This movie is the most successful example of a limited superhero. So Deadpool cosplay costume has high popularity among cosplayers.

The forth one is Ant man and the Wasp. The wasp is the new female superhero appear on Marvel movie. So the ant man and the wasp costume is also liked by cosplayers.

The firth one is Venom. This movis will be released on 5th, October. The 《Venom》is the first movie that based on the villain on Marvel movie. At the same time, it’s also the first movie tell about Venom. Now the Venom movie is under developing, will come out soon. This costume is also a cool selection for Halloween.

The sixth movie is X-man: Dark Phoenix. This movie will be released on 2nd, Nov. This costume is same as Venom, also not come out yet and on designing. Let’s look forward to the new costumes.

There are so many cosplay costumes for selection on 2018. So which one would you like best? Have you decided your 2018 Hallwoeen costume? Manluyunxiao is a old Band for cosplay costumes. This is a professional cosplay costume factory. So what are you waiting for, order you favor costume from the professional cosplay costumes factory now!

Deathstroke cosplay costume

Wow, there is another new cosplay costume come out in this week. He is a super negative character on DC comics, appeared on the movie Justice League. Some DC fans must gusess it. Yes, the new one is Deathstroke cosplay costume. The fans seen Justice Leahue must have seen him.
Deathstroke, also known as Deathstroke the Terminator, his real name is Slade. He has only one eye, so you can see from his mask. Even with one eye, he will never make any mistake. And he is good at using all kinds of weapons, such swords, gun. His brain development is 90%, normal one only have 10%. So this make him as a top strategists. Easy to deal with his enemy.
OK, known the character, any interest to cosplay him on Halloween? This absoultely would be outstanding on the Halloween with the outfits.
Now let’s see the detail of the costume.
This costume is a little complex to wear it. Since the components number is much large. Including umpsuits, Vest, helemt, chest accessories, shoulder armor, belt, gloves, leg protector, boots, knee protector, hand protector, waist components. The material for this costume is Pineapple fabric, composite leather, PU. It was taken our designer half year to develop this costume. It’s really a hard work. It will take your some time on the first time to wear it. We will make a video to show how to wear the components on our Youtube Channel.
The price for this one is $451 on our website This price is much lower than othres on the market. The price is for the outfits. If you only need helmet or other components, can email us about the detail. If you have enougt budget for the Halloween costume, then this one is a good choice.

New DC comics Aquaman 2 Arthur Curry and Mera cosplay costume

Long for wait. Here we have two new cosplay costumes out! These two are all from DC comics and are all superhero. One male and one female. Gusee who are them?
OK, one is the DC comics Aquaman 2 Arthur curry cosplay costume. This is a new costume for Aquaman 2 and it’s a jumpsuit. Here is the picture for this costume:

Well, this is a very simple one. You do not need to worry about how to wear it. The main material for this costume is Roman fabric. This is elastic and very comfortable to wear it. The components include Jumpsuits, belt, gloves. And the price in website for this one is only $97. In very low price. is the original cospaly costume factory, so the price on this website is much lower than other agents.

The other one is the Mera cosplay costume. She is the wrife of Aquaman. Here is the picture for this costume:

This costume material is almost same as the Aquaman one, all use roman fabric. So this Mera costume also elastic and very easy to make any post on Comic con. This one is also a Jumpsuits, but with shoes. It’s also a simple one. The accseeories include Jumpsuits, shoes, gloves, wrist guard. And there is some PU to decorate the costume.  The costume price on website is $139. Also not so experience.
If you have no large budget for the Halloween costume, this two one is a good chooes. Simple and cheap, but in high quality. This is also suit for couple cosplay. Not so many cosplay costume they just are wrife and husband. It’s a good chace to go to the Halloween with your wrife/husban. This year’s Halloween woule be much fun and memorable. What are you waiting for? Get the costume as gift to your half one.