Fortnite Skull Trooper cosplay costume for special sale

It sounds some crazy, but believe. Only $29.9. Now only $29.9 then you can get a high quality Fortnite Skull Trooper cosplay costume.  Cann’t believe it, yep? To thanks to all the supporter, now our factory promot a new Fortnite costume for Halloween special sale. There is no profit on it, only want to thanks all the supporter. The skull trooper costume is hot on Halloween. Now let’s see the costume detail.

Fortnite, as you know, is a very hot video game. The characters in it also loved by many people. Expecially for the Skull Trooper character, fits to the theme of Halloween very well. So that’s very worth to get it now. Now on cosplay007 website for the standard size only need $29.9. Here is the costume picture:

The Skull Trooper costume fabric in high quality. It use roman fabric same as the spider-man cosplay costume. Elastic and durable. The components including jumpsuits, gloves, mask.

The material of the mask is elastic knitting, so the breathability is very well. People can hear you clearly and it will not be stuffy. And the eyes part is black transparent film, So you can see the outside clearly.

If you want to get the costume, then just go to our website and place order directly. Only cost $29.9 and the costume will be sent out in 5~7 days.

Then what are you waiting for? Just come on and get it!!!



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