Deathstroke cosplay costume

Wow, there is another new cosplay costume come out in this week. He is a super negative character on DC comics, appeared on the movie Justice League. Some DC fans must gusess it. Yes, the new one is Deathstroke cosplay costume. The fans seen Justice Leahue must have seen him.
Deathstroke, also known as Deathstroke the Terminator, his real name is Slade. He has only one eye, so you can see from his mask. Even with one eye, he will never make any mistake. And he is good at using all kinds of weapons, such swords, gun. His brain development is 90%, normal one only have 10%. So this make him as a top strategists. Easy to deal with his enemy.
OK, known the character, any interest to cosplay him on Halloween? This absoultely would be outstanding on the Halloween with the outfits.
Now let’s see the detail of the costume.
This costume is a little complex to wear it. Since the components number is much large. Including umpsuits, Vest, helemt, chest accessories, shoulder armor, belt, gloves, leg protector, boots, knee protector, hand protector, waist components. The material for this costume is Pineapple fabric, composite leather, PU. It was taken our designer half year to develop this costume. It’s really a hard work. It will take your some time on the first time to wear it. We will make a video to show how to wear the components on our Youtube Channel.
The price for this one is $451 on our website This price is much lower than othres on the market. The price is for the outfits. If you only need helmet or other components, can email us about the detail. If you have enougt budget for the Halloween costume, then this one is a good choice.



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