Ant-man and the Wasp the Ghost Ava Starr cosplay costume

Ant-man And the Wasp, the hot marvel superhero movie on 2018, have you seen it? If you have seen it, then you must remember the beautiful negative character: The ghost.  As the hot popular of the movie, the Ghost cosplay costume is already developed out by cosplay007.

The shost, also named Ava Starr. In marvel comic, she is a male. As in the ant-man movie, she appeared as a female. And she is the enemy of the Wasp.

So, The Wasp VS. the Ghost, who will win?

Now today we talk about the new Ghost cosplay costume. Here is a photo you can see the detail.

The color for this costume main is white. Match to the character’s name; Ghost. And the main material for this costume is leather. Components same as in the picture, including Vese, Jumpsuit, belt, cuffs, gloves, mask and shoes.
The mask is outstanding for the costume. Here is the mask detail:
The mask is very cool, isn’t it? The whole costume including mask price is $415. If you don’t want the mask or only want the mask, all is ok.

It’s really a good idea to coaplsy the Ghost in 2018 Halloween, right? If you don’t know who to cos in the Halloween, then may be you should think about the Ghost.

Any interest, anyone can fing the costume on cosplay007. A heaven for the cosplayers!



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