Best Doctor Strange cosplay costume detail overview

Let introduct a coctume today: Doctor Strange cosplay costume. This is not a new one. This costume has designed out in 2016. But it’s always on hot sale even though in the year of 2018.
Doctor strange, real name is Stephen Vincent Strange. Laterly you may have seen him on the Marvel movie Avengers: Infinity war. He is a Marvel superhero, He has a great magic power. He was voted 38th favorite character on the superhero on IGN. So his costume has high popularity among the cosplayers.

The feature for his costume is with the red cloak and with a necklace. This is a very cool costume. Here is the picture you can see the customize costume detail.

Main material for this costume include: Plain velvet, polyester-plaited cotton, satin, lace, PU, suede, denim, composite leather.
Compontents: robe, cloak, trousers, belt, cuffs, boots.
Here is a Video you can see the detail:

Well, know about the cool costumes, do you want to buy it? Now on  only cost $314 then you can get the whole cool outfits. This is a original costume manufacturer. You can find more superhero cosplay costume in it. Marvel and DC superhero, who would you love? Be the character you love on cosplay007. We are here waiting for you.



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