Spiderman Homecoming Peter cosplay costume

Spider-man: Homecoming,  this is the 16th movie of MCU. Released on 7th, July. Tell a story of the Spider-man Peter how to make a choice between a superhero and a high-school student. In this movie, the spiderman costume is also a lightspot.

On this movie, Peter is a 15-year-old high school studern, after being bitten by a radio-infected spider, acquired the ability to act like a spider. With the help of Iron-man Tony stark, he tries to strike a balance between an normal high school student and the crime-fighting superhero.

This film is more about the struggles of growing up as a teenager, rather then a simply superhero movie. Peter, the youngest superhero on Marvel, he is only 15-years-old. He has high populiatiry on the world. Why so may people love this young boy? Let’s see his characters.

Wow, as a 15-years-old boy, he is sunny and is also so handsome. Expecially the shape of his body, so nice. So he can wear the tight-fitting spider-man costume.

No matter how handsome you are, you can’t be hero with the evil character. But spiderman is so kind. Although the spiderman’s enemies have done a lot of bad things and have been trying to kill him, in the end of the story, the spiderman actually saved his life.When the little spider ran away from the fire with the enemy in his arms, I could feel the positive energy through the screen.

No doubt Spiderman is very smart. He is busy with fighting with the crime, but can also easily answer the questions from teacher on the class. He didn’t prepare much for the knowledge contest, but he still held his place as a member of the team. So many high school students dream to like this.

To see whether it’s interesting to be with a man, it depends on whether he’s rigid and doesn’t understand humor. When it comes to the spiderman’s humor, you must have laughted a lot on the cinema. Spiderman always can bring laugt to the people.

Spider-man is reality. This is close to his character, he is very young and fall in love with his classmate. When he works with Iron-man, he would be so happy to take photo, just like a fan. Wow, who will not love this cute boy?

The biggest characteristic of spiderman is perseverance. He was so committed to doing more for the world that he looked everywhere for something to do. He was determined to defeat the vulture and stop the bad guys from trading weapons, so he kept going even when he found out that the vulture was his favorite girl’s father. He sticks to the girl he likes and keeps her in his heart. Although did not end to be able to marry the goddess, there is a little bit of pity.

Spiderman’s sense of responsibility is not only for family and friends, but also for the whole city and the whole world. Now that have superhuman powers, use them to protect everyone. So there’s Peter who’s always trying to prove himself and protect everyone. In the end, iron man asked him to join the avengers and work with them on a bigger challenge. He refused. Because he thinks he should start as a neighborhood hero. If the superheroes of the world go to protect the earth, who will protect the streets? That’s the little spider’s responsibility.

Low profile
When his best friend learned that Peter was spiderman on the Internet, he was excited to tell the world about it.But the little spider refused because he wanted to keep a low profile.In school, there are also many bullies despise him and laugh at him.But he has never used his spiderman identity to bully others.Even when he learned that his goddess also loved spiderman, he chose to remain silent about his identity.

In spiderman Homecoming, the spiderman completes its own growth.Originally, he was obsessed with getting into the avengers and saving the world with other superheroes.But at the end of the story, he rejected his dreams.Because he no longer aims too high, but really wants to go his own way.Every man is a child at heart.To become a man from a boy, one must learn to grow up and grow up.

Wow, the last characteristic of Spiderman people love him of course he is superhero. It’s a dream for everyone that to be a superhero. Peter come ture most people’s dream.

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