They’re not wearing costumes thank heavens Justice League Costume

They’re not wearing costumes thank heavens Justice League Costume, but the idea is basically the same. Seven experienced Internet-company founders have joined together to form an incubator based in Mill Valley, north of San Francisco. They plan to generate ideas and then spin out companies, with one of the founders steering a start-up through its early stages.
Polaris Venture Partners, as part of its Captain America mask — which brings promising entrepreneurs together to share office space in San Francisco, New York and Cambridge, Mass. — is financing the Start Project with $500,000 a year. The Boston-based firm gets the first opportunity to invest in the new Start Project properties.
The Cubs were aware that their long-scheduled Superheroes Day didn’t fall on the best of weekends in the wake of the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colo., early Friday morning at a screening of the new Batman movie.
In spring training, Sveum was looking for some type of travel-day themes, similar to what the Tampa Bay Rays do under manager Joe Maddon. The Rays have gone with themes like matching blazers, all white clothes for trips to Miami, and a nerd theme that celebrates Maddon’s horn-rimmed glasses.
Sveum’s first ideas were to dress up in the DC costume of the players’ favorite football or hockey players, until Garza came up with his own idea.
“I had just taken my son to see the Avengers,” Garza said. “I looked in the outfield and I thought, ‘Let’s do a super hero trip.’ We just ran with it from there. We were supposed to do it a while back but he wanted to give guys more time to get costumes.”
Garza participated on some of the themed travel days during his days with the Rays.



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