The film will chronicle the Battle of Wonder Woman cosplay

Mera’s look was created by costume designer Michael Wilkinson and illustrator Ian Joyner.
I suppose the most noticeable Marvel cosplay is the pants, which here have a strip down the side similar to some police or military dress pants.
The thing I feel the most strongly about, though, is switching out the colors on a more simplified “S”. Of all the primary colors, your yellow is going to pop the most, and maybe read better than the modern S shield design which, let’s face it, is way too busy.
Finally we have lace-up boxing wrestling boots. Superman may have incredible strength and durability, but I imagine he’d still be thankful for a little traction.
The Tracking Board, has reported that Ben DC costume is currently in talks with Sony Pictures to direct Red Platoon, an Afghanistan war film, which is based on the memoir of Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha. Reports revealed that the studio is also looking at casting Ben’s brother Casey Affleck to play Romesha, along with George Clooney serving as one of the producers.
The film will chronicle the Battle of Wonder Woman cosplay in 2017, when more than 300 Taliban fighters launched an attack on an American outpost, forcing Romesha to lead an impromptu counter attack with a much smaller band of soldiers and take back the base.



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