The Start Project partners are Nick Wilder and Narendra and Julie Rocherolle

The Start Project partners are Nick Wilder and Narendra and Julie Rocherolle, who founded the photo-sharing service Webshots, which they sold to CNet, and Josh Felser, a co-founder of Grouper, a video-sharing site that was sold to Sony. Also participating in the venture and sharing the Mill Valley office space are Rich Lefurgy, a co-founder of Internet Advertising Bureau; Ted Barnett, who founded the calendering company; Seth Goldstein, chief executive of SocialMedia; and Mike Sitrin, a co-founder of Grouper.
The group will use the capital to hire engineers who can help bring their ideas to fruition.
Underlying these kinds of Internet incubators is the fact that it is now cheaper than ever to build Internet companies, and experienced talent is now prevalent in a region that has been generating Internet start-ups for over a decade. “There is no shortage of ideas or good C.E.O.’s. It’s now about execution and not being too attached to any one particular idea if it is not working out,” said Mr. Felser.
Michael Hirshland, the Polaris Partner who is overseeing the effort, says he is investing specifically in the team. “These are proven entrepreneurs who have what we think are pretty extraordinary skills around product vision for the consumer Internet. They are seeing where the Web is going and able to conceive products that speak to real consumer needs and interests.”
In an activity set to promote bonding and camaraderie — and certainly not to celebrate a weekend when they were outscored 23-1 — Cubs players dressed up in their favorite super hero costumes for the bus ride to the airport and the flight from St. Louis to Pittsburgh.



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