Components of Captain America’s Latest costumes in Avengers: Infinity War

Your guys should already know that the Avengers Infinity War is on the agenda and have seen the trailer. As a Marvel superhero fans, this new movie can never miss. As usual, Captain America’s costume still outstanding among the avengers. Now the captain America avengers costume is in hot sale. Let’s look at this new costumes.

Aside from his superhero alias, Rogers also appears to have made some slight changes to his costume from Captain America: Civil War. The bottom part of his torso still holds the same striped design while the top portion has been crudely painted (or stained) black. In doing so, the big star on Rogers’ chest is no longer visible.

The other notable difference in Steve Rogers’ new suit are the gauntlets he’s wearing. Despite the trailer not showing Rogers using them, they appear to be collapsible. Without speculating too much, there’s a chance the two pieces will link together to create a shield. Or, perhaps the collapsible shield will come equipped with more functions—turning it into a fluid-like weapon. The gauntlets Rogers is wearing do look awfully similar to T’Challa’s, so it’s possible his new shield will come from Wakanda’s science division. If it is, there’s no telling what kind of fun goodies are packed into his gloves.





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