Captain America avengers costume

Captain America, a superhero from Marvel comic. Believe you are all familiar with this character. A America solider, first come to our eyes in Captain America comic 1. He will also appears in the latest Marvel movie <Avengers: Infinity War>.

Captain America always wear a special costume with America flag motif, and hand a shield. Through several movies, there are many change on Captain America’s costumes.

captain america costumes

Now Let’s see the latest Captain America avengers costume. Here is the detail:

avengers Infinity War Captain America costumes

For this Latest one, the whole theme is some dark.

Here is the Avengers 2 Captain America costumes.

MANLUYUNXIAO The Avengers 2 Captain America Cosplay Costume Halloween Costumes for Men Custom Made

Also there is a captain America women costume:

MANLUYUNXIAO New Arrival Captain America Cosplay Costume Women's Version Superhero Costume Halloween Party Cosplay Costume



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