My tailor made Captain America costume

I need to comic-con with my friends this week. But I need a high quality costumes. Oh, this is a serious problem. Time is so tight and I even don’t make decision who to cosplay.

Many people recommend me to buy a new one online whatever. But this not my style. You know, I always pursue the perfect. I am perfectionist.

After think about a night, finally I decide cosplay Captain America, the last one in Avenger: Infinity War. Oh, you know the Infinity war? Marvel latest movie. I saw the trailer online. I always love Captain America, a  men full of justice.

After decided the character, so now, let’s begin tailor made this costume. Luckly, a friend of my is a cosplay costumes designer,  and he own a factory. So my Captain America costumes can finished in 5 days.

First, I need to do some measurement on my body. the height, weight, chest,waist, hips….etc. This is a tired work. But never feel tired. Perfect costume is worth everything.

Then choose fabric material. For reality, I choose high quality washed denim.

Here is some detail picture


Looks very good, is it? My designer is very professional. He notice every detail on the costume.

OK, let’s see the finished work:


Perfect and awesome. This is just what I want. Finally, let’s introduce my costume designer, Jackie.

Captain America and designer

There is a long story to tell the detail of the custom made process. I’ll tell you later on my  another blogs.



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