Superman cosplay costume asked me if I knew who I wanted to cosplay

We were brainstorming one day. Superman cosplay costume asked me if I knew who I wanted to cosplay for New York Comic Con. I still had no idea and she suggested I do Wonder Woman. At first I said “No, Wonder Woman is a bit overdone, I want to do something a bit more creative this year… What about Two Face?” Then she suggested why don’t we do both and BOOM! The idea was born. Kaori had a small art series the year before were she mash ups of some Disney characters with DC Comics Two Face. She was no stranger to the concept. She the sketch she created for the cosplay below.
I’ve always loved Wonder Woman and always found the Harvey Dent story tragic but metaphoric to our own lives in a sense. I think we all have a bit of madness in us and all feel the need to flip a coin to make a hard decision sometimes.
Anyway, the next thing we had to worry about was supplies for the costume. I was in Las Vegas while she was in New York so we couldn’t work together as much as we wanted to in the beginning. Because of distance and me not being able to try anything on, we thought it best to rework a costume.
We went online and I purchased a Wonder Woman inspired costume which you can see HERE. I told Kaori that I liked the Lynda Carter costume embroidery so that she should use that as inspiration. She then went out shopping for trim and for fabric for the Two Face side of the costume. We decided to make the Two Face side part a magenta type of color to keep it a bit feminine. Wonder Woman cosplay! With the power of fabric, a needle and thread, embellishments and a glue gun, Kaori did a stellar job. I was super impressed.



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