Diana Prince is the secret identity of Princess Diana of Marvel costume

Getting the blue body paint all over half of my body was a body was a mission. Kaori and I started Superhero cosplay. We used both Mehron Liquid Face Paints which was good but I found to be a tad bit more watery and thin than I wanted… I think it worked as a good base. Over the Mehron Body Paint we used Ben Nye Creme Colors in Sky Blue. I really loved the Ben Nye products!
They were pigmented and very thick. Over the makeup we used Ben Nye Classic Translucent Face Powder Super White to set. I became a big fan of Ben Nye products and will surely purchase them again. For my face makeup and colors like yellow or red we used regular Halloween makeup kits that you can find at your local Walgreens like this one HERE. We also used a few colors from our regular makeup bag such as red lipstick etc. I did the regular makeup side for Wonder Woman which was pretty much like an everyday makeup routine.
Diana Prince is the secret identity of Princess Diana of Marvel costume, also known as Wonder Woman. One of the most famous of all superheroes, she is a warrior princess with powers that come from the Greek gods, which she uses to fight against similarly sourced supervillains.



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