Wonder Woman cosplay the community seems to champion a specific character

It’s rare if ever that I’ll post two cosplay Marvel cosplay on the same subject in one day let alone one week or even month, but with Wonder Woman coming out tomorrow I felt it was appropriate. When a movie that’s essentially being hyped as one of the best superhero movies of all-time not to mention a film that could help the women’s empowerment movement advance by leaps and bounds, the occasion calls for the extra attention.
Like previous years, the convention center at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 became a hub for cosplayers, with fans from across the world sporting elaborate costumes, celebrating just about every film, TV show, or comic out there. Every Comic-Con, Wonder Woman cosplay the community seems to champion a specific character, releasing an army of meticulously dressed near-clones across the crowded halls. Last year it was Harley Quinn. This year it was Wonder Woman.
I’m thinking on making the live broadcast next weekend or some evening of next week… What do you think? When would you see it?
If we are LOTS OF PEOPLE maybe i can do a contest during the live!
Heeey! Ya estoy aqui de nuevo con unos de mis cosps favoritos



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