One of the smaller and hard to see details of my captain marvel cosplay

One of the smaller and hard to see details of my captain marvel cosplay when I wear her now is that I shave her star into the side of my head. Its hard to see from certain angles but from others it looks great! What do you guys think? Its pretty cool right?The standout costume is often a statement, made en masse, on the state of the comics world. This year, the message was loud and clear: Hollywood must go further with female superheroes.
Costumers dressing up as Diana Prince’s alter ego were everywhere during the show, ranging from casual fans wearing Wonder Woman-branded T-shirts to dedicated cosplayers in elaborate costume replicas. The increased interest comes as little surprise: Patty Jenkins’ new film is only now starting to leave theaters after surpassing Batman v Superman’s domestic box-office take.
After years of superhero movies that have largely catered primarily to male fans, Hollywood is slowly starting to recognize the power of building films around female heroes. And fans are responding.



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