I’m using Marvel costume foam from Cosplay Shop

Costume progress for Marvel cosplay – since I’m making a valiant effort to finish in time, I might as well share my next cosplay: Gamora from the Guardians comic book by Marvel!
I have wanted to make a set of foam armor for a while, to see how if differs from Worbla and other materials I have used in the past.

Gamora is of course a fantastic character, this suit is super striking in its design, and I’ll only have to do green face paint each time I wear this costume, which is far quicker than body painting.
I’m agonizing over how “dirty” I feel, sanding foam all day, every day this week, but it’s fun to think in dimensions and shape things. I’m using Marvel costume foam from Cosplay Shop ‘Select Style’, and by this weekend should be painting most pieces. I’m documenting the build and will make a video on it, and with some luck, I’ll be wearing this costume on Saturday at Dragon Con.

It’s nice to switch things up, but man, I miss the cleanliness and chill of sewing! My hands are full of glue and my hair is full of foam shavings, and I want to take three showers per day.



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